Poppy • Risograph Print
Poppy • Risograph Print
Poppy • Risograph Print
Poppy • Risograph Print

Poppy • Risograph Print

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A minimalist vase with a full Poppy Flower in brilliant rice and soy-based Risograph inks.

Risograph is a fascinating medium that uses actual ink, unlike laser jets, and the colors are transparent, which is why I'm able to overlay inks achieving new shades and hues.

Risograph printing is extraordinarily environmentally friendly, where the screens that are used are made from rice and banana leaves and the inks are derived from rice and soy.

This particular illustration was drawn by hand, redrawn as a digital file, and printed here in Seattle.


  • 8x10" Print
  • Creamy Ivory Watercolor Paper
  • Printed with Fluorescent Pink, Yellow, Black & Blue Ink on four screens
  • Open Edition Print
  • Each Print is signed on the bottom of the print along with the title
  • Hand drawn by Samantha Leung

Please note: Due to the nature of Risograph, where each layer of color is printed one at a time, your print may differ slightly from the photo. This is called misregistration and is one of the most charming aspects of Risograph Printing