Suncatcher Tips & Additional Suncatcher Info Cards

Suncatcher Tips

The suncatchers are as easy to apply as: find a clean window that gets direct sunlight, and affix the sticker to the window.

If you would like extra tips to ensure a smooth bubble-free suncatcher, and to ensure its longetivity if you plan on repositioning it, then here you are!

1. Find a clean window that receives direct sunlight.

2. Lightly wet the window with a soapy water mixture.

3. Start peeling off the liner and apply your window film beginning with a corner or an edge. Once you have your first section of window film in place, use a squeegee to secure the film to the glass. Apply slight pressure to remove air bubbles, working from top to bottom.

4. Once you have applied the suncatcher, go over the surface with the squeegee once again to get rid of any remaining air bubbles.

5. Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess water and check for any lingering air bubbles.

6. That’s it!

Additional Suncatcher Info Cards

Do you need extra Suncatcher info cards for your HEMLEVA suncatchers? Then you’re in the right place! You can save these images and either print them out to include with the suncatcher, or you can e-mail the recipient the image.

Thank you so much to everyone that chooses to gift HEMLEVA products. I really appreciate your support of my small business.
HOW DO I DO THIS: Flip through the images below, when you find one you like, right-click and click on “View Image” then “File > Print” and adjust the size and settings for your printer, and click “Print”.
These images are for personal use only.