Printable Cards For Gift Cards & Gifts That Are Running Late

Hello hello,

I want to first thank you for shopping small! Please feel free to use these cards that I designed for Gift Cards from HEMLEVA or for any recipients of amazing HEMLEVA products that may be arriving later than we would like.

While I do process, build, pack and fulfill orders at a rapid pace, I also understand that there are mail delays across each and every shipping service at the moment. If you would like to hear more about my processing and turnaround times, and answers to 99% of your questions, please take a moment to check out my FAQs here.

If your order looks like it will be arriving late, or it has been marked as “delivered” and is actually still on the way (it’s happening so often this year!) I have designed a few downloadable and printable cards for you to tuck into an envelope to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the desire to have things in hand by a certain date.

HOW DO I DO THIS: Click through the images below, when you find one you like, right-click and click on “View Image” then “File > Print” and adjust the size and settings for your printer, and click “Print”.

Thank you again for shopping small, and for supporting my super tiny woman-owned micro-business this year.


Please note: These cards are for personal use only.