Affiliate Links & Recommendations

Here you can find a few of my Affiliate Links and Personal Recommendations!

I may receive a form of compensation when you click or use my coupon code, but I want to assure you that I would not recommend or link anything unless I personally use the products, believe in them and like the companies.

As most of you know, my husband, Andy, and I do our best to research everything in depth before we buy things, and are always happy to share what we've learned along the way.

Thank you for your support, always.
xo. Samantha

Grow Lights

Soltech • Use HEMLEVA15 for 15% off your order

I have two grow lights from Soltech that I use for almost all of my plants. I have their Large White Aspect Light and their Vita Grow Light Bulb - which you can add to any light fixture.

Their lightbulbs are full spectrum which is incredibly beneficial for both your plants and for you and can help to decrease seasonal depression. Just make sure you wear your sunscreen!

Athletic / WFH Clothing

Girlfriend • Use this link for 30% off your order of $95+
Half of my wardrobe is from Girlfriend right now.

Things I own and wear: Their Recycled Half-Zip Fleece, Luxe Leggings, Compressive Leggings, I'm wearing their Moss ReSet Cropped Long Sleeve as I type this!, I have 3 of their 50/50 Cropped Sweatshirts, and their Long Recycled Puffer winter coats are the only ones that keep me warm! Honestly I kind of thought you just always had to be cold in the winter.

Nail Polish

Olive & June • Use this link for 20% off any system
I work with my hands and am notoriously hard on my nails (assembling earrings, pins, building mobiles) and their polish has lasted, scratch-free, up to 10 days on my hands! The key is capping the front of your nails. I learned that through one of their free virtual classes. I learned a lot and still use what I learned years later.


Amazon Recommendations • Here you can find all of my recommendations on Amazon! From Bug Repellents that work, my favorite cookbooks to pens, gardening supplies to baking tools, to my happy light that I use when I travel - check it out!


Home Decor

Burrow • Use this link for $75 off
This is where we bought our bed frame from, and where I'm going first to outfit my office!