Leather Cording • 6in (15.24cm)

Leather Cording • 6in (15.24cm)

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100% Genuine Leather.
Made in the USA.

This listing is for the option of adding on leather cording for your Himmeli. A few of the hanging Himmeli will already come with your choice of length of leather cording up to 2' or 60.96cm. If the himmeli you are interested in does not have leather cord as an option, or if 2' of leather cord is not enough, then you're in luck!

You can now make it as long as you would like! You can now wear your Himmeli as a necklace, drape it along your ceiling of your home or office as a chandelier, string it around yourself as if you're lighting a Christmas tree with the Himmeli as the star. The options and ideas are truly endless.

This listing is sold in 6" (15.24cm) increments.

For each additional 6" that you would like, simply increase the quantity.
e.g. If you would like 3 additional feet of leather cording, you would purchase 6 qty of this listing.

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