Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant

Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant

The Tillandsia Xerographica is a stunning air plant. It has light, mossy green coloring, and gently flocked leaves. This unbelievably beautiful Air Plant is the perfect Tillandsia for ornaments, cups or bowls of any kind, or to simply sit on its own on a coffee table or a desk. With its full, strong, silvery leaves, the Xerographica is a show stopper.

As the Xerographica grows, its arms extend and curl and wrap around itself. Its strong leaves are wider at the base and grow into skinny little arms and its spiraling arms will keep it mostly self contained in size. This air plant is also surprisingly hardy. It enjoys the direct sun in the summertime, and also likes being both indoors or outdoors, as long as the weather is mild.


It loves the occasional misting, as well as being submerged at least once a month for fifteen minutes. It will be more bright and vibrant with a 15 minute soak once every other week. In the winter time you can soak less frequently, and in the summer time you can increase soakings, depending on your climate. If it is hot and dry where you live, then you should soak and mist more often, and if it is damp and overcast where you are, then you should soak it less often. Air conditioning and heating also tend to dry out plants a bit quicker, so you should alter misting and soaking accordingly.


Make sure that post mist or soaking that you flip your air plant upside down to gently shake out any excess water.

The ideal temperature for these air plants is between 60-80 Degrees Fahrenheit.

This air plant is also one of the few air plant varieties that thrives in both direct and indirect sunlight.


The Tillandsia Xerographica is native to Mexico, Guatemala and Salvador. There they can primarily be found hanging on the highest branches.


Himmeli: Prism, Planter, Orb, Teardrop, Double Teardrop

MEASUREMENTS // approximate

4" - 3'+ tall and wide


This variety is known as "The King of Air Plants" because it can grow to be over 3' wide!


Do you have any other questions about this incredibly interesting air plant or any other air plants? Feel free to view my Introduction to Air Plant Care or my Air Plant Care Series.