Tillandsia Velutina Air Plant

Tillandsia Velutina Air Plant

The Velutina air plant is from the same family as the Brachycaulos air plant, and has quite a few similarities. They both feature wide, thick, leaves. The shade of the Velutina plant ranges from the prettiest soft sage green, to bright lime green, to a lovely moss green. It will also transition to a blush mauve color as it matures. And instead of the smooth waxy texture of the Brachycaulos, the leaves of the Velutina air plant are velvety soft to the touch.

The base of the plant can also develop a brown coloring, which is not an indication of health.


A lot of water. This variety likes to be misted 1-3 times a week, and a weekly bath - where it is submerged in tap water for at least 15 minutes. Up to an hour once a week in the summer time, and 15 minutes once every other week in the winter time. More often and frequent in the summer months.

Enjoys indirect sunlight, and tolerates small amounts of direct sunlight as well.

Likes to be in rooms that are between 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Soaks that last too long, trapped water in between its leaves - so after a soaking or a heavy misting, make sure you turn it upside down and shake the excess water free. You can leave the air plant upside down until it is fully dry before placing it back in its home.


The Tillandsia Velutina air plant can be found in the dry cloud forests of Mexico.


Diamond, Prism, all of the Wall Sconces, Planter, Orb, Teardrop, and more!

MEASUREMENTS // approximate

6" wide x 4" tall


It can also develop a lovely yellow and pink leaves when the plant blooms. And when it does produce a spike and flower, the spike is a brilliant and eye catching bright red.


When new leaves grow, they layer on top of each other, making the plant sturdier and even more lush.


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