Tillandsia Tenuifolia Air Plant

Tillandsia Tenuifolia Air Plant

The Tenuifolia air plant is a an incredibly interesting and graphic air plant. It has hard, strong, spiky leaves that look like an evergreen or a hedgehog. The leaves have a deep dark green coloring that develop moody violet highlights with proper lighting.

This sturdy plant naturally also curves and curls as it grows, and spikes with a dark pink and violet bloom.


This variety likes to be misted 1-3 times a week,. Once a week in the winter time, and more often and frequently in the summer months.

The Tenuifolia air plant enjoys bright indirect light.

Like with any air plant, after the bloom cycle is complete, make sure that you remove any dead leaves to allow new flowers to grow.


Soaks that last too long, trapped water in between its leaves - so after a soaking or a heavy misting, make sure you turn it upside down and shake the excess water free. You can leave the air plant upside down until it is fully dry before placing it back in its home.


The Tillandsia Tenuifolia air plant can be found growing in the wild in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina.


Diamond, Prism, all of the Wall Sconces, Orb, Teardrop, and more!

MEASUREMENTS // approximate

2-4” wide x 5-9” tall


This variety will also attract bees, butterflies and birds when left to grown outdoors.


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