My Favorite Dessert Places in Seattle • Updated Winter 2023

My Favorite Dessert Places in Seattle • Updated Winter 2023

Photo by Dochi


I was recently asked for a few sweet shop recommendations in the Seattle area, and since I have a love for sweets and for supporting locally, I am happy to share! I will be reaching out to friends for recommendations as well, and updating and adding to this list as time passes - and as I try out new places in one of my favorite cities.

Please note, I have not tried every single place in Seattle, so if you have a recommendation, please let me know.

My favorite cookies in Seattle

The Cookie at from the Metropolitan Market. • Instagram

Full disclosure, this cookie is from a grocery store. But it's one of the best cookies in Seattle! If you walk into any Met Market, they will be fresh and ready for you, super gooey and on a warming plate. They bake them freshly throughout the day and are full of walnuts, chocolate chips and are so good both fresh and warm, and cold from the fridge. They even have a page on their dedicated to the history of their cookie on their website.

Lowrider Cookie Co. is named after the owner's dachshund! I mean, talk about a precious name. • Instagram

Fun fact, I vended across the aisle from this cookie company at a Street Festival back when we were both just starting out! They have delicious cookies, and the owners are both so kind.

Hello Robin Cookies are an absolute delight! • Instagram

I am especially partial to their ice cream sandwiches that are made with Molly Moon's Ice Cream, another favorite of mine.

Other cookie shops I plan on trying soon:

My favorite Ice Cream Shops in Seattle

  • Molly Moon's Ice Cream Go for their super creamy ice cream • Instagram
  • The Pastry Project Go for the Soft Serve, Cookies, Cake & more • Instagram
  • Frankie and Jo's Go for their super delicious Plant-Based Vegan Ice Cream. You will not believe that it's vegan, it's so good! • Instagram
  • Salt and Straw Originally from Portland, go for the Tasting Flights of Ice Cream and Limited Edition Seattle-only flavors. • Instagram
  • Milk Drunk Go for the Soft Serve. (Also go for their chicken sandwiches, if you like Fried Chicken.) • Instagram
  • SPECIAL SHOUT OUTEllenos Yogurt Go for all of it. It's Greek Yogurt, which doesn't sound exciting, but it is! It's so shockingly good. My favorites are Marionberry Pie and Passion Fruit. You can find them at farmer's markets and grocery stores around Seattle • Instagram
  • POP UP • SPECIAL SHOUT OUT • Mike's Shave Ice Go for their shave ice. I bought their Mango Sago Shave Ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a Snow Cap (Condensed Milk) to share with Andy for his birthday, and we were instantly transported to Hawaii. It was so good that we raved about it for days after it was long gone. • Instagram

Other ice cream shops I plan on trying soon:

My favorite Donut/Doughnut Shops in Seattle

  • Dochi Go for their Mochi donuts. Get a mixed 6 pack. If you like food with delightful chewy texture, you are going to love these. • Instagram
  • Top Pot Doughnuts and Coffee Go for their fluffy yeast doughnuts! Their bars, Pershing, and Glazed are my favorites, but I have loved everything from here. • Instagram
  • Daily Dozen Go for the warm, fresh donuts at Pike Place Market. You can grab a small bag and snack on them while you walk around. The Chocolate Sprinkles and Powdered Sugar ones when they're still warm are my favorite. • Instagram

Other donut shops I plan on trying soon:

Additional places for sweets!

  • Deep Sea Sugar and Salt Go for their decadent cake slices. Don't be surprised if they sell out before close or if you have to wait in line though! • Instagram
  • Cakes of Paradise Go for anything Guava and for pretty much everything they make. If they make it, it's good. • Instagram
  • Piroshky Piroshky Go for both the sweet and savory Russian pastries. If you visit their Pike Place Market location, you can actually watch them make the pastries in the window. It's mesmerizing in addition to being delicious. • Instagram
  • Hood Famous Bakeshop Go for their Buko Pie and their cheesecake, but really, all of it so so incredibly good. Filipino-American sweets at their finest. • Instagram
  • Treslecheria Go for their Tres Leches Cakes. They are the best I have ever had and have even won awards. They have fun pop ups with limited edition flavors from time to time, and you can find some of their cake flavors in some local grocery stores too. The owner of the company won Netflix's Sugar Rush too! • Instagram
  • Dahlia Bakery Go for their Triple Coconut Cream Pie. If you even remotely enjoy coconut, you will love this pie. • Instagram
  • Theo Chocolates Go for their beautifully crafted chocolates and ganache • Instagram
  • Seattle Chocolates Go for their melt in your mouth truffles. If you visit their Tukwila location you can shop their seconds section for extra treats to bring home at a steal. • Instagram
  • Patrick's Cafe and Bakery Go for their Guava Cake! • Instagram
  • Despi Delite Bakery Go for their Filipino Patisseries. • Instagram
  • 85 Degrees Go for their fresh breads and pastries. They're a Taiwanese Bakery and their Milk Breads are so good. Both the savory and sweet pastries are a treat. When they start chanting "Fresh Bread, Fresh Bread" as they leave the kitchen with a tray full of warm breads, it's hard to not feel like a kid in a candy store. • Instagram
  • KJ's Cakery Bakery Go for their cupcakes! Their cookies are also super good too. • Instagram

Other bakeries that I plan on trying soon: