LUCKY DIP • Pink Princess
LUCKY DIP • Pink Princess
LUCKY DIP • Pink Princess
LUCKY DIP • Pink Princess

LUCKY DIP • Pink Princess

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The Pink Princess Philodendron is currently one of the most sought after plants. It is a man-made hybrid from the 1970s, of two different philodendrons.

With its heart-shaped leaves, gorgeous variegated coloring that includes shades of greens, blacks and several shades of pink, it is no wonder why this pretty plant is a true princess of the plant world.

This stunning pin with its unique variegation is the perfect pin for any plant collector.

What does "Lucky Dip" mean?
If you look at the main photo, you can see that there is a slight color variation between the two Pink Princess Pins - ranging from Lilac to Light Powdery Pink. In the process of getting the shade just right there were some color changes. So with this very fun Lucky Dip listing, you will be surprised with a pin in this color range.

I love surprises, don't you? 😊


  • 1.25" tall x 1” wide

  • Gorgeous Hard Enamel Cloisonné

  • High Polished Copper Base

  • Comes with a secure Flat Head Tie Tack Backing

  • Includes a fully illustrated card display

  • Illustrated and designed by Samantha Leung