Olive Branch Notepad
Olive Branch Notepad
Olive Branch Notepad
Olive Branch Notepad

Olive Branch Notepad

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  • The Olive Branch is a universal symbol of peace. I wanted to incorporate that symbol in my stationary as a gentle reminder for us to slow down as well as to listen and actually hear one another.

    When I was designing this notepad, I had a few things in mind. I wanted to create a pad that you could use as stationary, for letters to friends and loved ones, for quick notes for yourself, and something that would do double duty and can be used for shopping lists, organizing your thoughts, or to write down quotes that you want to remember.

    I wanted this notepad to be pretty, yet minimal, beautiful but not so precious that you would be worried to use it, and I hope that you love what I've created.

    The sheets are full-color front and back. The front features a watercolor Olive Branch to be used as a gentle reminder of peace and kindness.

    The paper is uncoated so you can easily use any pen or pencil to write on it, and the paper is 70 lbs. which is a nice weight. It is more than three times thicker than standard copy paper, but isn't so thick that you feel like you're writing on a wedding invitation.

    It comes with a sturdy cardboard back, and the left side of the pad is glued, making it easy to write on without the corners wrinkling or crinkling.

    Each notepad has:

    • 50 Sheets
    • A Cardboard Back
    • A Glued Left Edge
    • 70 lb. Paper
    • 5 x 7" in size
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