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There are two sizes of Seconds Mystery Grab Bags! These Mystery Bags will only be available while supplies last and are Final Sale.

SMALL • Original Value $136
7 suncatchers, 4 pins, 1 keychain and 1 HEMLEVA Charm Pin!

LARGE • Original Value $170+
7 suncatchers, 4 pins, 1 keychain and 1 HEMLEVA Charm Pin!
PLUS: 1 Monstera Drop Earring, or 1 Tote Bag + Notepad + Sticky Pad, or 1 Propagation Stand + 1 Notepad + 1 Sticky Pad, or 1 Rubber Stamp + 1 Tote Bag + 1 Sticky Pad, or 1 Tote Bag + 1 Sticky Pad + 1 Pin

Each First Quality Suncatcher retails for $10/each, First Quality Pins retail for $12/each, and each First Quality Keychains retail for $18/each.

Each bag will not include any duplicates, there will be 4 unique pins. If you purchase multiple quantities of Seconds Sale Mystery Bags, there will be repeats, but I will try my best to make sure there is a variety. I will be packing these all up in advance and will not be able to accommodate specific requests. Thank you for understanding!

  • Each Mystery Bag both Small and Large will contain 4 SECONDS* pins, 1 SECONDS keychain, 7 SECONDS suncatchers (there will be some duplicates)

  • Sealed in a paper bag with a HEMLEVA Charm

  • All of the pins will come affixed to one mini postcard.

  • All of the pins will come with Tie Tack Backs.

*I may include a few First Quality Pins too.

Some FAQs

What makes it a second? A second has minor cosmetic defects. They simply did not pass my very thorough scrutiny. If you don't tell anyone that it's a second, they may not even notice. You can watch this IGTV that I made that shows you examples of the products that will be included. The cosmetic flaws may include:

  • Small scratches

  • Color bleed

  • Missing or under-filled color/enamel

  • Pin Post in the wrong spot

  • Smudges or ink specks

  • Enamel is lifting

  • and for some of them, absolutely nothing is wrong with them

For the suncatchers:

  • All of these suncatchers came from the same batch. Unfortunately, I found that in cold weather if you tried to move your suncatcher the silk-screened decal could flake off. This only impacted about 10-15% of them, but to be extra precautions I pulled all of the suncatchers from this batch the moment I discovered that there was an issue.
  • To prevent flaking, simply spritz your suncatcher with water if you decide to reposition it if it is less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the design does flake off, it will not negatively impact the vibrancy of the rainbows in any way.

All of the pins and keychains pictured here are seconds. They will be included in these Seconds Mystery Grab Bags. You can click on each image and zoom in to get a closer look at the details.

All sales are final.