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Quickly turn any and all of your pins into light duty magnets! Use them to keep reminders on your fridge, your coffee maker, toaster, or to make your own magnetic pin board!

The base of these pins are the Locking Tie Tacks that I love, and if you have purchased a HEMLEVA pin before, you know well! On the bottom of the pin is a light duty magnet.

Now these magnets won't keep your quickly and never ending growing collection of takeout menus in check, but it will hold slips of paper, photos, postcards and more.

These are almost the exact same Tie Tack Backs that I use for all of my pins. They are brass plated. It is an incredibly secure option, and perfect if you want to wear your pin on your jacket or a bag. They essentially "lock" into place and a mechanism has to be moved in order to release it from the pin post. It is a high-end option that is great if you are concerned about losing your pin as you wear it.

These Magnetic Tie Tack Backs, also known as Rad Backs, have a pretty rainbow anodized coloring. These were designed by the amazing Rad Girl Creations.

Lift the tie tack by grasping the flat, thin “cap” at the very top to unlock the Tie Tack. There is a spring in the tie tack, and this action moves the spring. This will work 99% of the time. It does occasionally stick. If it is still difficult to remove, you should reset before you try to lift the flat part away again. You can "reset" it by compressing the Tie Tack back onto the pin until it is as compact as possible. And when you're lifting by the flat brim, try to twist your hand as well, like you're removing a cork from a bottle.

Approximate Dimensions for the Tie Tack: 1cm wide and 7cm tall

NOTE • The last photo shows a side by side comparison to one of my normal Tie Tacks and the Magnetic Tie Tack on my Basil Pin.