Finger Heart Pins

Featuring delicate Forget-Me-Nots this pin is a sweet gift to someone you care about, for someone you may be missing, or to serve as a reminder of someone you've lost.

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Butterfly Wing Earrings

With small translucent panes of orange, peach and butter yellow, the way these Butterfly Wing earrings flutter in the breeze is so incredibly sweet.

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we are stronger together

The profits from these stickers & suncatchers will be matched and donated to Americares to help the people of around the world.

Americares are helping in so many ways right now. With the Colombia-Venezuela Border, COVID relief, the war in Ukraine, and they're preparing to help
with Hurricane relief here in the US.

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HEMLEVA is a micro business that is proudly Woman and Asian owned.
Based out of Seattle, Washington.